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In 2022 we tried a

Quilt Block Exchange

(Give us some feedback if you want to do it in 2023)


Below were the instructions for 2022:

Using Red, White, and Blue (2022 quilt show theme), create a 4 1/2" block.

(4 1/2" is the unfinished size, so they will finish at 4")

Make 10-12 blocks (or more) and bring them to the Festival. 

Display them near your station during classes.

You can even pin one on to show others your are participating.

Then trade them with others to assemble your own unique quilt.

Put some effort into this and show off your skills...

Friday night will be "Open Trade" and a presentation on assembling your project and finishing it off.

ALSO - Donate one of your blocks for one of next year's opportunity quilts.

Quilt Block Samples.jpg

Here are some Quilt Block Exchange samples 

2021 above.jpg

We get so many great comments about our quilt show each year.

We will be announcing this years' theme soon, so be watching here so you can make a quilt to fit the theme.

What quilts will you display with us this year???

Baby Lock.png

Would you want a Brand New Baby Lock Presto 2 Sewing Machine?
Dr. Brent Allen from the Sevier Valley Hospital in Richfield donated this AWESOME machine for our 2022 give away.  It was over the top special.
We have AMAZING sponsors. 
Thank you Dr. Allen.

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