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Quilt: Watermelon Lone Star Picnic Quilt


The ants are marching across this whimsical Watermelon Lone Star quilt. It is a perfect addition to your holiday picnic. It is created using strip piecing, traditional piecing, and a 15” wedge template.


Skill Level: Intermediate


Pattern Fee: $15


Fabric Requirements and Supplies needed:

Template plastic or cardboard

Background fabric (off white) 3 ¾ yd

Dark Green (includes binding) 2 ¼ yd

Light Green 1 ¼ yd

Dark Pink ¾ yd

Pink 3 yd

Black 1 yd

Quilting Ruler at least 18” long with 45º marking on it.

Sewing machine

Basic Sewing Supplies


Finished project size: 74” x 91”

Watermelon Lone Star Quilt by Ruth Solomon and Nancy Harn

SKU: 202309
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