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Quilt: Poppin Petals

This is a delightful pattern that is fun to make. We will be learning 3 different applique methods, using machine or hand applique, including the beautiful art of needle-turn applique.


Skill Level: All Levels


Pattern Fee: $10 – Includes pattern and templates.


Fabric Requirements:

Flowers Print: 2 ¼ yard total of assorted prints or Layer Cake with Forty-two (42)

10” squares - if your layer cake only has 40 you can cut a couple from your outerborder print fabric

Flower Centers: ⅛ yd. These are optional.

Stems and Leaves: ½ yd. Assorted greens - Make sure they are at least 9” square

(for the bias stems) - leaf pieces may be smaller (at least 2” x 4”)

Background: 2 ½ yd.

Outer Border: 2 ¼ yd.

Backing: 5 yd

Binding: ¾ yd


Finished project size: 81” x 72”

Poppin Petals by Pam Wing

SKU: 202319
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