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Quilt: “Machine Embroidery”

Join Annett’s Class and learn how to take your quilting to the next level with digital embroidery blocks in your quilt. Add names on your quilts, and even sign your work on your quilt. Even if you are a beginner with digital embroidery, you can use this software with Annette’s help.

Learn how to easily streamline your embroidery process with Embrillance, a free software available for download. Customize your experience by purchasing only the necessary modules and upgrades to fit your specific needs. Annett’s Class, covers a wide range of useful skills. She will go over so many other shortcuts to make your job easier. You will learn the software's basic functions, including identifying the location of buttons and formatting your design to fit the software your machine runs.


Here are some things She will cover:

- Learn how to preview your designs without having to open them.

- Cut back on your thread changes with one click, you can take a design from 25 thread changes to just 5.

- Transform any design into the format your machine reads.

- Including organizing designs, resizing, positioning, and using fonts to add personalization.

- Learn how to merge colors and make the design your own, to match the quilt you’re doing.

-How to preview your stitch sequence without even touching your machine. Then adjust the order they will stitch out, making things easier.

- Fonts: Loading and using fonts are easy with this software. Then easily see all your fonts. now you can easily use them by typing words out on your keyboard.


Skill Level: Machine Embroidery - All levels


Supplies Needed:

Laptop – Not required to take the class, but helpful.

Embrilliance program – Free Version can be downloaded before the class, or

paid version if you choose.

Flash Drive – Needed if you want any files transferred during class.

(This class is up a flight of stairs. We will have volunteers that can assist you with your things if you need, both before and after the class.)

Embroidery Made Easy by Annette Bassett

SKU: 202313
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