Join us in making this stunning two-fabric applique quilt using fusible web and machine applique, raw-edge applique, or hand applique.  The choice is yours!  Sure to be a piece that everyone talks about.


Detailed instructions for all three methods are included with the pattern.


Herd of Turtles Supply List -  Designed for machine, raw-edge, or and applique

Background fabric: ¾ yard (or a piece at least 27” x 39”) 1 yard if using to bind quilt 

Applique fabric: ¾ yard (or a piece at least 27”x 39”) 1 yard if using to bind quilt 

Backing Fabric: ¾ yard 

Thread: Applique thread to match the applique fabric 

Batting: 27” x 29” 

Fusible Web, optional 27” x 29” (if doing fusible applique) 


For a directional print, consider buying 1 1/8 or 1 ¼ yard to allow for the length of the quilt to be parallel with the selvage edge of the fabric. 

I will not provide the patterns so you will need to order them:

If you want the same fabric I used order kit or fabric from:

Or order a kit or pattern from:

Herd of Turtles by Kris Orton



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