Making a Hand woven rug on a simple wooden loom.

This demonstration will teach you the ins and outs of making a sturdy, usable floor rug.  Frames will be available for purchase or you can just try it out after the demonstration to see if you want to do more.  The large rug loom is $40 and the small loom is $30.  



Two frames are available for those that want to purchase one.  Large frame is 32" x 52", the small frame is 24" x 36".


Materials needed for large rug:

The waft is 70-80 yards of levi mateiral, approximately 1 1/2" wide.  It takes approximately 15 pairs of jeans to make the waft.  The woof takes about 20 yards of any fabric, cut approximately 2 1/2" wide, using at least two different colors, or as many colors as you would like.

Amy's Rag Rugs by Amy Jackson



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